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After Tim asked Sally if he could cum inside her, she then asked me for permission. I obliged.

If I’m honest, I’m having second thoughts about him. He’s slow to respond to texts and usually not available. I’m sure most of it is that he’s married and has other obligations. Either way, I may re-neg on my deal with Sally. I’m not sure he deserves the honor of cumming inside Sally if he can’t be more responsive. We’ll see.

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If it turns you on!

Getting started


FIRST BLOG POST- I am a very straight male and my girlfriend and I are the closest I have ever been with anyone in my life. I would like to describe the way she makes me feel and the way she says I make her feel, but I’m afraid that would come off too sappy… and that’s not really the direction I’m…

How to start!!!

MFM - part 1


Monday through Friday from 8 to 5, 99% of me and Sally’s communication is done through text message. Because we both work, it is the most practical way to for us to talk to each other. This allows me to capture some of the more interesting conversations we have.

A few weeks ago Sally and I were…

MFM - part 2


I order drinks, but Tim declines. It turns out he isn’t a drinker. He’s 30 years old and only just had his first taste of alcohol a few months ago. Since he’s still getting the hang of it, he would rather not drink so that he doesn’t lose all control.

I’ve heard so many horror stories about…


Sally was looking to set another meet with Tim. Ever since that first night, she has told me several times how much she liked his cock.

We’ve also been talking a lot about Sally experiencing her first DP. The thought of it excites us both very much. I ordered some butt plugs so we can start getting her used to having something in her ass.

The above pics are screen shots Sally sent me of her conversation with Tim. She asks him about meeting again, DP and even asks him to be her bull. As you can see, Tim is insisting that he cum inside her with no protection.


I was away on a business trip and Sally started sending me videos of the last blow job she gave me before I left.

Sally and I have been having anal sex more often lately. We keep talking about eventually trying DP, but we’re not sure if she’s actually ready for it. The idea sounds fun now that she’s had her first MFM. We want to try it out with a dildo first and see how that goes. We keep talking about doing it, but we always end up fucking and leaving the dildo in the drawer. During this text exchange, she wanted to make sure that next time the dildo gets used.